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Monsoon Brings Phoenix Creepy Crawlers | Chandler bug/pest control by Bulwark Exterminating

Monsoon Brings Phoenix Creepy Crawlers



Arizona’s monsoon season officially wraps up at the end of the month. All this monsoon moisture we receive during the summer months creates the perfect breeding conditions for mosquitoes and other pests. Lots of critters come along with the rain, heat, and the humidity which offers the perfect combinations for insects to thrive, grow, and expand around your house.


People see a lot of insects during the monsoon they wouldn’t normally see. When it rains it floods out where they are hiding. They come out to get away from the water, looking for a dry spot.


What’s crawling around Phoenix during monsoon season?


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Tarantulas can often be seen looking for a cozy hideout during monsoon season. Experts say they are a definite eyesore, but are not particularly dangerous. Their venom is no stronger then a bee sting and they will only bite as a very last resort.



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The same can be said for the Vinegaroon, a popular yard dweller.  They are very intimidating in appearance, but are relatively harmless.



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The Bark Scorpion is a very common and dangerous Phoenix pest. These scorpions are always in search of the water left by the monsoon storms. You’ll likely see many of more of these pests because the monsoon rains will flush them out of their homes. There are more of them in the city then in the desert.


75px Mosquito feeding Monsoon Brings Phoenix Creepy Crawlers

The West Nile carrying mosquitoes are more prevalent during the monsoon season because they breed in stagnant water left by the monsoon rains. It’s important to drain any stagnant water around you property, like that found in puddles, bird baths, and tire swings, to help control these deadly bloodsuckers.


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The most dangerous of all the monsoon pests– The Black Widow spider. She can cause damage with a single bite and is most prominent around the house. The Black Widow actually reproduces in very large numbers.  Right now it’s mating season so you have to be very careful.


If you are seeing any of these popular monsoon pests in or around your property, contact a Phoenix pest control professional today!


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