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2012 November | Chandler bug/pest control by Bulwark Exterminating

Phoenix Weed Control

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 Nobody Wants Weeds

Weeds are obnoxious plants that offer no value to Phoenix, Arizona homeowners. In fact, weeds actually detract from the value of your property. Aside from their unpleasant appearance, weeds compete for important nutrients needed for the other trees and plants in your yard. Because of their rapid growth rate and their ease of germination, weeds can quickly consume your property if left untreated.

What Exactly is Weed Control?

Weed control is a maintenance program designed for an individual who wants to eliminate weeds on their property. Instead of buying chemicals and to spray every single weed that emerges on your property, preventative measures are taken to keep them from ever popping up in the first place. Sometimes weeds will return, but an effective weed control company will come by if needed for the occasional spot treatment to keep your yard looking it’s best for the entire year.

What To Look For In A Weed Control Company

  • A weed control company that guarantees their work.
  • A company with competent, well trained, licensed weed control professionals.
  • A weed control company that does quarterly treatments with you ever needing to make a phone call.
  • A company that offers convenient pest control and weed control treatments at the same, and passes the saving on to you.
  • A company that offers free retreatments any time you need them.
  • A Phoenix weed control company will take into effect the monsoon’s impact on weeds and offer pre-emergent treatments that coordinate with the rains.
  • A weed control company that uses EPA approved weed control products.
  • A company that will not leave messy dyes all over your property.

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Got Weeds? Get Professional Weed Control!

Every property in Phoenix is unique. Some homeowners landscape with grass, others with rock. Some have palm trees, others cactus. One thing that all homeowners can agree on is that nobody wants weeds devaluing their property. A Phoenix weed control professional can keep your yard looking its best all year long. This will not only keep you happy, but your HOA happy as well.

Secure your biggest financial investment, by keeping your home free from weeds. Call today:

Bulwark Exterminating-Weed Control
10401 N 91st Ave
Peoria, AZ 85345
(623) 445-9313

Weed Control Guy
(623) 572-3016

For Do-it-Yourself Weed Control

Bug & Weed Mart
N Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85012
(602) 265-0046



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